Topics and Tracks

Personal Voice Assistants, AI and Cloud

Artificial Intelligence

From building a terascale AI server infrastructure to build skills and actions for voice assistants or create your own Open Source chatbots with SUSI.AI. Join sessions covering Bot Framework, Big Data, Dataprep and more.

Cloud, Containers, DevOps

Cloud, Container, DevOps

Get better insights in how to deploy apps on the cloud more efficiently and save your company money. Sessions in the Cloud, Containers, DevOps track cover Kubernetes, Serverless Architecture, Microservices, OpenShift, and Continuous Integration.



Meet engineers of MySQL and learn how to save your company money with Open Source database solutions in the Database. Specific topics include Scaling TB of data, Real-time data masking, Replication Features, Performance Schema, BigQuery, and Immutable Key-Value Stores.

Web & Mobile

Web & Mobile

Modern Web & Mobile development, existing technologies change, current trend and future of web technologies? Topics include JS, Drupal frameworks, Web VR and AR.

Hardware, Design and Local Production

Open Source Hardware and Science

Introduction to open source hardware projects from laser cutter to pocket science lab. How to do science hands-on with open hardware? Apart from technical topics speakers will share their experience from making prototype to going to large scale production and working with mass manufacturers.

Open Data, Internet Society, Community

Open Data, Internet Society, Community

More and more governments, companies and citizens share data for the benefit of the society. What are the use cases for Open data? What possibilities do we have for a truly free society in the times of tracking devices and supervision technologies, how to keep communities engaged in Free and Open Source development? These questions will be discussed in the Open Data, Internet, and Community track.

Featured Speakers

Klaikong Vaidhyakarn

Member of Thai Parliament

Klaikong has worked on IT and digital media for 20+ years. He started the Mekong ICT Camp Project, organized several regional technology programs focusing on young people in ASEAN to explore low-cost technology solutions.

Misako Ito


Misako is responsible for UNESCO’s Communication and Information programme in the Mekong countries and coordinates the UNESCO Memory of the World programme for safeguarding the documentary heritage in Asia and the Pacific.

Dr. Putchong Uthayopas

Kasetsart University

Dr.Uthayopas is a Vice President for Information at Kasetsart University and oversees the operation of the Office of Computing Services. He has 30 years experience in high performance computing, grid, & cloud computing.

Jinal Foflia


Jinal is the Senior Outreach and Community Manager at Grab. She has been an OpenStreetMap contributor for over 4 years, a part of the Communications Working Group for OpenStreetMap Foundation and editor at WeeklyOSM.

Ivan Ma


Ivan is a MySQL Principal Solution Engineer at Oracle APAC. He is also the MySQL User Group Lead in Hong Kong. He has over 20+ years of experience in enterprise system infrastructure and software technologies. Prior to this role, he was with Sun Microsystems.

Korakot Chaovavanich

True Digital Group

Korakot is a Senior Data Scientist who works mainly on AI research, specifically speech and NLP in Thai. He is also a key contributor to PyThaiNLP project. His 'newmm' code is the most wildly used Thai word segmentation algorithms.

Marco A. Gutiérrez

Open Robotics

Marco A. Gutiérrez is a PhD holder in cognitive vision planning for robotics systems. He has contributed to RoboComp, the Point Cloud Library and Open Perception. He is also the co-founder of GlideX, a startup in the field of AI for network security.

Andree Lee


Andrew Lee works as a software developer in the Build and Infrastructure team at Collabora. He is an active Open Source Liaison focusing on the Debian and LXDE Projects. He worked on localization efforts of variouskinds of local dialects and aborigines languages in Taiwan.

More Speakers

October 1-2, 2019
KX Centre Bangkok, Exhibition Lobby

  • Monday September 30, 17:00-19:00 Exhibition Setup and Preparation

    17:00 Exhibition Setup (Meetup in Lobby)
    19:00 Exhibition Area Closes

  • Tuesday October 1, 9:00-17:00 Exhibition opens on floor 10 throughout the day. Official tour with speakers and VIPs takes place at 12:30.

    8:30 PM Breakfast Snacks for Exhibitors (Floor 10)
    9:00 PM Exhibition Preparation Continues, First Exhibitors Open
    12:30 PM Exhibition Tour with VIPs (Floor 10)
    17:00 PM Exhibition Closes

  • Wednesday October 2, 9:00-17:00 Exhibition takes place until evening with tech companies and projects on floor 10.

    8:30 PM Breakfast Snacks for Exhibitors
    9:00 PM Exhibition Opens
    17:00 PM Exhibition Ends

October 1-2, 2019
KX Innovation Centre, Bangkok

  • Tuesday Morning October 1, 9:00 - 12:30 Conference Opening
    Venue: Auditorium, Floor 7
    Open Tech Track 1 with VIP guests from Red Hat, Oracle, UNESCO, NIA, Parliament of Thailand and more.

    8:00 Registration and Breakfast Snacks
    9:00 Conference Opening Track 1: Open Tech (Floor 7)
    10:30 Coffee Break (Floor 7)
    10:50 Keynotes
    12:30 Exhibition Visit (Floor 10)
    13:00 Lunch Break (Floor 9, Cafeteria)
    14:00 Conference Program (Floor 10, Floor 11)
    17:30 Sessions End

  • Tuesday Afternoon October 1, 14:00 - 17:30 Afternoon Program Day 1
    Track 2: Artificial Intelligence in Room X1AB, Floor 10
    Track 3: Open Source Education in Room X4B, Floor 10
    Track 4: Databases and MySQL in Room X11.7, Floor 11
    14:00 All Tracks Start (floor 10, floor 11)
    15:30 Coffee Break and Exhibition Visit (Floor 10)
    16:00 Tracks Continue
    17:30 Sessions End

  • Wednesday October 2, 10:00-17:30 PM Conference Program Day 2
    Track 5: Cloud, Container, DevOps in Room X1AB Floor 10 (Morning)
    Track 1: Open Tech Keynotes and Talks in Room X1AB Floor 10 (Afternoon)
    Track 6: Open Hardware and Production in Room X4B, Floor 10
    Track 7: Internet Universality in Room X11.7, Floor 11.

    8:00 Registration and Breakfast Snacks
    9:00 Conference Tracks start
    10:30 Coffee Break and Exhibition Visit
    10:50 Sessions Continue
    12:30 Lunch Break (Floor 9, Cafeteria)
    14:00 Keynote
    14:30 Sessions Continues
    16:55 PM Sessions End
    17:10 Closing

Social Events
September 30 - October 2, 2019
Bangkok City

  • Monday September 30, 10:00-16:00 Arrived in town for the OpenTechSummit Thailand? Join us at the Meet and Greet Hangout and Co-working in the Launchpad space.

    Join the OpenTechSummit Speakers and Attendees casual Meet & Greet hangout, meet the local tech scene, explore Bangkok co-working culture and relax.

  • Monday September 30, 17:00 Venue Preparation with volunteers, organizers and exhibitors

    Let's set up the venue for the event.

  • Monday September 30, 19:00 Let's get together for a Pre-Event Dinner Meetup with speakers of the event.

    Please join us for a pre-event dinner meetup with locals and international participants of the OpenTechSummit Thailand.

  • Tuesday October 1, 19:00 Our official OpenTechSummit Social Dinner Event

    Join us for the OpenTechSummit Social Dinner Event. Please get your social event ticket beforehand.

  • Wednesday October 2, 19:00 Let's visit the Asiatique Night Market by boat and enjoy Thai dinner snacks.

    We are going out for an evening excursion to the Asiatique Night Market. We will leve together from the venue and take the boat shuttle nearby to the market. Here we will enjoy Thai evening snacks and browse the market.

Schedule Roster

Schedule Roster

Download Schedule PDF

  • Ultimate Cloud Training

    You want to deploy your solutions in the cloud and scale your services according to the current number of users and demand? You want to make more use of your data's company and decrease cost of data storage? Then our tailored cloud day, October 2 is the right place for you.

    Topics are Cloud, Container, Kubernetes, and Security. We meet at 8:30am with a breakfast snacks and start the sessions at 9:00 with a presentation of Kubernetes technologies and containers. Catering and lunch is provided. Please sign up and secure your spot!

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